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Aaron Trainer & Max Lorde – I’ve Watched You Grow Up

Max Lorde visits his neighbor Aaron Trainer, who is a longtime family friend. Aaron is hosting a neighborhood barbecue and Max has come by unexpectedly early to offer to help set up. Aaron is touched and thankful for the help, so he takes him up on his offer. They work together to prepare for the barbecue, with sparks flying between the two of them although Aaron seems careful to keep things appropriate.After Aaron and Max have finished with the preparations, they still have time before the guests arrive, so they settle down to relax.

Max sees the chance he’s been waiting for, and admits to Aaron that he has feelings for him.Aaron is shocked, because even though he knows they’re both gay and Max is an adult now, he never considered that Max might be interested in him. After all, Aaron is such a close friend of Max’s family, and besides he’s old enough to be Max’s parent… he’s watched Max grow up next door over the years and while it’s true that Max has developed into a strapping young man, that’s all the more reason why Aaron feels he’s not right for Max – surely there are guys closer to Max’s age that Max would be more interested in than an old-timer like him?

But Max says that he’s thought about this for a long time, and knows what he wants. He has looked up to and admired Aaron for a long time, and that admiration and respect has turned into an attraction he can’t shake, one that’s kept him from being with anyone else until now. He wants a mature and experienced lover to be the one to take his virginity – he wants the man right in front of him…

Date: October 16, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Aaron Trainer / Max Lorde

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