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Laco Meido and Alan Carly

Laco Meido and Alan Carly are having a great time on the sofa. Laco is laying on top on Alan as they kiss. Alan is feeling his buddy’s ass and then Laco moves down Alan’s body, freeing a big hard cock from its’ underwear. He starts to kiss and lick that cock and then takes it in his mouth. He pulls the underwear down further to give better access as he really works on Alan’s big dick. Then, having done a great job of sucking Laco moves onto his knees for Alan to suck him too. Laco’s cock is rock hard as it fucks Alan’s mouth. As he sucks Alan wanks on his own throbbing cock. Then Laco lays on the sofa for Alan to suck him some more. That cock is so hard and needs more than sucking. So Laco is soon behind Alan, fucking his hot ass deep and hard. Alan moans as the cock pounds his hot hole. He takes it real good and is soon sitting on the dick riding it. That cock really stretches Alan’s ass and he wanks himself as he keeps riding that thick shaft. He loves how it feels to have Laco’s dick deep inside him, and he soon blows a big load of cum as rides the dick. Then Alan lays on his side for Laco to fuck him some more. He takes that cock so well as it slides in and out of his hot ass. Laco is soon ready to cum too and pulls out to dump his cum over Alan’s ass. Laco milks his cock dry of cum and then slide it back into Alan’s hole, leaning over to kiss him before they go off to the shower to clean up.


Date: August 2, 2015

Muscle Bear Porn

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