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2 Guys Are Doing It & Hung Young Brit Joins Them

10/10 STUNNING BRIT LADS – Truly flawless !
Two un-obtainabley HOT monogamous boyfriends loose control when getting nobs out 2 Film
again…100% REAL i swear on my life im not making this up …. watch!
The bottom lad was really vocal – Loved being shagged & was absolutely loving being dicked
when the BF was COMING The sounds he makes are ‘thrilling’
I promise im not making this up!
No Bullshit – These Two hoodie -up boys are the Real Deal
British lads are just SO SO sexy – they have no clue how many people are staring at them thinking
the same thing … two too look like
These two lads wanted to come over and get filmed – but they had only been going out with
each other for like 6 months so they don’t have an open relationship or anything
They really did stress that !! And even asked “do I always get involved in every film”
(I didn’t release I did) LOL And so I was like “oh no, nothing like that, u guys can crack on, I
promise I won’t touch either of ya or nothing like that”
I was thinking they was worried about me coming on to them and im not like that so
BTW! (See, not a sex addict, just horny when I look at guys, any guys and any nob that can
Don’t be fooled by these two looking so cute – whilst they were really shy – u can how
sexual they are!
The bottom lad was So Rock HARD the whole time – I could tell he was thinking about being
fucked by everyone secretly – and Mark the guy was gagging 2 touch cock- REALLY sexy lads
The top lad – who’s Fucking beautiful is a TOP ONLY! Really hot
ITS SO HOT to watch them get so horny and slowly ‘hint’ in that direction
BUT I had already said to myself I wasn’t going to get involved N wasn’t expecting it
I was getting really worked-up and so I took my top off, cos I was hot (I know what your thinking,
gen – I was hot)
The top lad Jack (i think thats his name) makes this comment about my body but I didn’t think
anything of it
Then he asked if they could look at my dick later on
Its so funny, towards the end
He goes: “Lets see yours then?” AARRR
Then there both kissing and looking right at my dick – im Frozen , just in case I’ve miss
understood the situation .lol All in vid – so funny –
Its proper cute , there snogging each other faces off and both looking out the side of there
eyes at my willy (both at the same time without knowing it)
Then towards the end the FIT AS top is well into edging and edges, then cheeky grabs my cock

And it makes his dick burst the BIGGEST SPUNK LOAD EVER over that beautiful
smooth arse of the BF and push’s his cum inside
And right at the same time the bottom lad gently kiss’s my dick and he blows a lovely
white, heavy load of cum as well – SO SO SO
WOW this footage is AMAZING! Really well lit, well shot and the atmosphere is perfect

Can I just say… I was fucking dying to touch them.LOL
But I knew they wouldn’t respect me (and why should they) if I did that, so I wanted to at least
pretend to be a gentleman
TBF – if they haven’t discussed boundaries in there relationship then thats all tricky…
I really don’t know if we are going to see these lads again (def would luv to) but I recon if they
were to come over again then we could make it so maybe theres some other lads here
I got a say, its absolutely fascinating to me watching these two STUNNING lads wanting it so
much and not being able to say – Really horny watching it back – wanked off shit load of times to
this and still am !!- – very rare vid xx —and really cute … Also I know I say this about everyone I
meet but these guys are actually really genuine – obviously I can’t say how much they will fuck
you If u bump into like the rest of my filthy mates – because they are not like that but they’re
extremely sound – I really enjoyed the things they had to say – really sweet couple
These two lads are completely NEW to doing vids
BOYS if your reading this then PLEASE come back soon HAHA

Date: January 29, 2022

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