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Derek Kage with Spencer Cole

Y’all are going to love the story behind my collaboration with @theholecole . This collaboration took place just before he walked down the aisle at his wedding. There is something incredibly hot about breeding a man before I send him off to wedded bliss. It’s like the ultimate cuck experience to have Spencer’s bull’s load inside him as Spencer marries his future husband.

I’ve actually known him for many years and have fucked him many times before. As you will see he is a big guy with quite an ass on him. He’s played football and wrestled for years and it shows. I know he has always fantasized about showing off his skills as a power bottom—and here is the video where he finally gets to show it all off! The first skills he wants to show off are his throat skills. It seems he hasn’t sucked a dick as big as mine in a while because he was sucking my cock like it was the last he would ever get to suck. Full, long strokes from tip to base over and over again and not a gag reflex to speak of. I love when I just sit back and watch a jock slob all over my cock. If sucking dick was a sport like football, then Spencer would be the all-star for sure.

Everyone knows I love being suffocated by a big, beautiful ass and Spencers is one of the more muscular ones I’ve had in my face for some time. He sits his ass down on my face while still sucking my cock like an absolute pro. Yet again it was almost like he hadn’t had a dick like mine in some time and I could just feel his hole gripping around my tongue while he deep-throated my cock. I could feel my cock getting more and more sloppy like he had completely planned to not use any lube—which is exactly what he did.

With his hole sopping wet from my tongue and my throbbing cock absolutely covered in his spit—he sat down on my cock and immediately started riding it like a champ. It was off to the races like Spencer hadn’t been fucked like this in ages but I think he knew that my dick is one that he could ride and ride and ride and it would keep going just as hard as he does. You could see his ass was bouncing up and down and grinding into me with such intensity. It’s like he wanted to see if he could make me cum as fast as possible. Maybe he was so hungry for cum that he was going to stop at nothing to get it hard and fast.

Spencer was in for a treat as I was nowhere near cumming even after he had tried his hardest to ride the cum out of me. This was where I got to overpower him and make him just a hole for me to enjoy. I bent him over and just went to town on his hole. I was fucking him so hard that his balls were swinging back and forth like crazy and each thrust was another whiplash to make his balls swing even harder. Each and every one of his moans was testament to how hard I was thrusting and the feeling of my balls slapping against his hole.

That was just the first position I had him in to fuck his brains out. I threw him around and found many different angles to take full advantage of his hole. I pinned him down to give a heavy downward thrust into his hole (and his ass gave me plenty of cushion to just keep railing the fuck out of him) and then I flipped him onto his side to get even deeper. Finally he decided he truly wanted to ride the cum out of me so I laid down on my back again. He slid my cock into him reverse cowboy style. This was the moment he really had been practicing for and he was riding my dick with even more intensity than before. He was absolutely determined to get me to cum—and he succeeded.

Only the best holes know how to make me cum from riding me and Spencer was truly at the top of his game. I had such an immensely pleasurable orgasm that I was shaking and moaning so loud. I practically lost all control of my body for what seemed like 20 minutes. Not only was he a very good hole for making me cum from riding me, but he also cleaned all the cum off of my cock after he squeezed out every drop with his hole. This video will truly be one for the record books

Date: January 16, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Derek Kage / Spencer Cole

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