Jason Stormme and Jessy Karson

Jason Stormme has just finished putting together his new play room and he’s invited his Bro, Jessy Karson over to check it out. Jessy hops in the sling to see how it fits. Jason sees Jessy in the sling and it gives him an instant Bro boner. Jessy gets down on his knees and worships Jason’s big, uncut cock. Jessy jumps back in the sling and takes a hard fucking from Jason. Jessy shoots a big load all over his latex shirt but tells Jason “Keep Fucking me!” Jason does just that, until he blows his nut all over Jessy’s hole. Jason gathers up the cum dripping from Jessy’s hole with his still hard dick. Then he fucks that load deep inside his Bro Jessy’s guts. Feeling that cum deep inside him gets Jessy off once again. Jessy sprays another cum load all over himself. Jason licks it up and gives Jessy a sloppy cum filled kiss.

Gay Bareback

Date: December 1, 2015

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