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Vic Rocco fucks Riley Mitchell

It’s time for bareback with muscled studs Vic Rocco and Riley Mitchell. Riley is sitting in the extra room after his activity when Vic walks around and they strike up some easygoing chitchat. Riley, sees the immense buldge in Vic’s shorts and yells ‘It’s real what they say…’ Vic responds by manhandling his colossal cock and obliterating it out for Riley to suck.

Riley Mitchell sucks Vic’s tremendous cock for quite a while and remembering that doing all things considered, both get revealed. Vic then sucks on Riley’s tremendous cock as well. Vic Rocco edges Riley’s brawny ass and after that fucks him from behind. Riley by then rides Vic’s cock on the floor before flipping onto his back and Vic Rocco fucks the cum out of him and a short time later shoots his own load.

Date: June 26, 2019

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