Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Connor Taylor Shoots His TwinkLoad Into Riley Mitchell

Geeky, lanky, ginger masseur, Connor Taylor is back, and, as usual, he’s got sex on his brain! Connor’s got a bit of a thing for older guys and loves it when a true DILF wanders into his massage parlor.

Today’s client, Riley, is a short, stocky, bearded daddy, with arms covered in tattoos. Connor greets him then gives Riley a few minutes to get undressed and lie face down on the massage table.

Connor reappears and the massage begins. The red-head’s experienced hands slide across Riley’s back and shoulders, then down, over his bubble butt and muscular thighs. It’s a hot summer’s day, so Connor quickly removes his T-shirt. It soon becomes clear that he’s very much enjoying working on Riley’s well-chiseled body. His big dick starts to stiffen in his loose-fitting shorts and he’s soon playing with it.

The shorts come off and the massage continues with Connor’s naked, rock hard meat periodically brushing seductively against parts of Riley’s body. Riley’s hand slowly moves to the masseur’s dick and within seconds his lips are wrapped around it and he’s giving Connor a world-class blow job. Connor moans. Ripples of pleasure surge through his young body.

Connor orders Riley to get on his back. The young masseur then squats between his client’s legs and uses his slippery, pink tongue to get Riley’s hairy hole ready for penetration.

Riley moves onto all fours and Connor immediately pushes his stunning rod into the older man’s surprisingly tight hole. Connor can’t wait to get stuck in, and is soon gritting his teeth and banging daddy real hard and fast.

Date: March 10, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Connor Taylor / Riley Mitchell

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