Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Kaleb & Quinton Do It Raw

Sexy, swarthy-skinned twink-boy Kaleb did a solo shoot for Australian Amateur’s Do It a couple of months ago and made quite an impression with the viewers. He’s back this week with Quinton, an auburn-haired, chunky otter with sparkling blue eyes.

They immediately get stuck into each other, kissing passionately, while Quinton hungrily gropes Kaleb’s growing bulge through his shorts. He wants it inside him as soon as possible!

Quinton dutifully drops to his knees and begins to service Kaleb’s throbbing dick, pulling down his shorts and getting his lips wrapped tightly around it. Kaleb groans deeply; the auburn-haired guy plainly knows exactly how to please him.

The two men are soon naked. Quinton lies on the edge of the bed while Kaleb fucks his mouth, pushing his dick deep into the older guy’s throat.

Quinton gets on all fours on the bed and gasps in lustful disbelief as Kaleb uses his talented tongue to explore his tight hole. Kaleb kneels up and places his long, raw dick between Quinton’s boulder-like ass cheeks.

There are a few nervous, aborted attempts at penetration – this is amateur porn, after all – but Kaleb soon finds his mojo and is slamming his dick hard and fast in and out of a breathless Quinton. Once inside, there’s no stopping him. He stands at the end of the bed and bangs his prey relentlessly and aggressively.

Quinton sits on Kaleb’s face as the two men jerk themselves hard. Kaleb’s tongue is still lodged deep inside Quinton’s ass when he shoots. Creamy, thick, horny spunk flies from his rock hard dick.

Date: March 10, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Kaleb / Quinton

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