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Cole Blue Bottoms For Myles Landon

Mr. Houser met with Mr. Myles Landon briefly, getting a chance to know him and express just how special Cole Blue was. Mr. Landon understood completely, having a special boy of his own. Mr. Houser knew he’d never be fully ready for this, but he was happy that the man was someone who understood just what this meant.

Cole and Mr. Houser went into their bedroom as they’d done the previous nights, only this time Mr. Houser sat in a chair nearby as Cole prepared himself on the bed. Mr. Houser could see Cole getting excited and called in his new buddy to begin their session…

Mr. Landon was a tall, muscular man with a smooth chest and handsome, masculine face. His cock bulged in his jockstrap, growing by the second as he took in the sight of Cole’s beautiful body.

Cole was so turned on that he could hardly contain himself in his own underwear! He wanted to feel his cock inside him and find out how the new, sexy daddy would fuck and fill him. He looked to his old man for guidance, unsure of himself and desperate for coaching.

“It’s okay, son,” Mr. Houser said to him, looking him in the eye. He had a slight smile as he whispered these words, feeling his own cock begin to swell, thinking of his boy being taken right there in front of him…

Date: February 20, 2020

Raging Stallion

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