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Daddy Myles Landon Breeds Ian Landon For Gaycest

As Myles Landon and Ian Landon spent time together around others, they kept up appearances of a regular man and his boy; only stealing knowing glances and the occasional lingering touch. But moments alone were increasingly rare, making them desperate for a chance to be alone!

It wasn’t until an afternoon came where the two were watching TV that they found a moment to indulge in their desires. The two turned to each other, softly kissing as they felt the blood rush to their loins, driving them wild.

Mr. Landon lifted Ian off the ground and brought him up to the couch. Bending him over the back of the cushions, he gave the boy’s ass a chance to present itself for him. He could have stared at it for hours, but his own lustful passions overrode his thoughts completely.

He planted his mouth between Ian’s velvetine cheeks, feeling the soft peach fuzz of the boy’s ass rub against his face and lips. His boy tasted so sweet, he knew he was going to have to take him right there…

Date: May 29, 2020

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