Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Dolf Dietrich Tops Cole Blue

Master Dolf Dietrich expects the best! He works hard, has high standards, and only accepts the best that life has to offer. And Cole Blue did not disappoint. With his handsome looks, beautiful body, big cock and perfect ass, Dolf was a prize he was happy to claim…

As lucky as Dolf was to have him, he knew Cole was lucky, too. Dolf is a prize in my own right. Tall, tanned, muscular, handsome, worldly, and powerful. As Cole crawled on top of him like a puppy, he could feel his enthusiasm and hunger for me swelling inside his tight jockstrap. His hole radiated heat as he ran fingers over it, begging to be dominated and marked by his cock and his seed.

But Dolf was in no rush with nowhere else to go. He could take his time, getting fully inside Cole’s head and his heart. And only then, when Cole felt the aching void where his cock should be would he fuck him hard and deep. And then, for the first time, he will truly be transformed. Made whole. Made to Dolf’s!

Date: June 29, 2020
Gay Bareback Models: Cole Blue / Dolf Dietrich

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