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TwinkTop Marcus Ryan Pumps Bishop Angus

With a cocky smirk, Marcus Ryan starts instructing his coach to do various exercises before pressing on Bishop Angus’ taint and teasing Coach’s cock briefly with his mouth.

Coach Angus is soon on all fours with Marcus’ tongue in his hole while Marcus lets his own big, heavy cock out of his jockstrap. Coach Angus is ready to be Marcus’ wide receiver and starts begging for his cock.

Coach Angus starts moaning and pressing back onto Marcus’ cock as he enters his hole slowly. Marcus flexes his cock when he’s about halfway in to stretch Coach out before pressing deeper to the thickest part of his shaft.

Marcus leans in to kiss Coach Angus in missionary position, then lifts Coach’s ass to pile drive him. Coach Angus starts jerking his big, thick cock furiously and moaning and grunting with increasing intensity as Marcus hits him deep. Coach Angus is cumming in no time, and Marcus continues to thrust until he blows his own load deep inside Coach’s tight ass.

Date: January 4, 2021

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