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Boy For Sale Mark Winters Barebacks Anthony Divino

As Master Anthony Divino takes his boy for sale, Mark Winters, out of his cage, the boy knows it’s as much a duty as it is a privilege. Mark crawls out on all fours like an obedient puppy, meeting his master between his legs on the edge of the bed like he’s waiting for a treat. Divino hands him his clothes as he disrobes, watching him as Mark’s eyes are fixed up at him.

As soon as he has his pants open and his underwear exposed, Master Divino brings his slave’s head down to get close to his cock. Mark’s nostrils flare as they take in a deep sniff of his musk, letting his pheromones fill his head. Master Divino can see his boys’ eyes roll to the back of his head for a second, indulging in the familiar fragrance of his manhood. His slave is in ecstasy. A personal heaven. All he’s ever wanted was to be between the uncle’s legs. Now, as my property, he has no other place to be.

Divino stands up to give him a better look. His cock hangs between his thighs, concealed by his underwear but nonetheless massive. Mark’s breath and lips caress it through the soft cotton, making it practically impossible to contain. Master Divino can see him trembling, aching to see it.

Being so close and yet so far is the real prison for him. Not the cage or chains or restraints. The Boy Mark wants nothing more than to be flesh to flesh with his master. And the more Divino holds back, the more desperate Mark becomes. For the master, there’s nothing quite like seeing his nephew in heat, begging for his cock, aching to have his purpose fulfilled…

Date: April 29, 2021

Muscle Bear Porn

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