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6 loads shot up his ass

⚠️WARNING Seriously strong footage⚠️ of Undeniable BREEDING
CUM -IN -ARSE -6 loads shot up his ass and then we get our inspection cam out
😋 And film with internal cam💥
::: Where to see us CUMMING in the video:::
⏱️ 09:37 LOAD Number 1
⏱️ 12:33 LOAD Number 2
⏱️ 15:08 LOAD Number 3
⏱️ 22:44 LOAD Number 4
⏱️ 24:17 LOAD Number 5
⏱️ 26:37 LOAD Number 6
We convince sexy young Jake that its a good idea to get fucked RAW by 24yr Brett and me, and let us fill up his arse with cum, then insert a cam in there
Taking turns at pumping loads up Jakes arse so we can stick that inspection cam in there and see our cum 🤬
OMG – ITS FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS – You can see 👀 all mine and Brett cum💦 up his arse, Using the monitor and little cam that we insert into him.
We keep getting block drains so we brought these inspection cams and as soon as they arrived, it turned into a mission of finding a lad who’s up for getting fucked, getting spat💧 up with spunk and then will let us bend him over and put a cam up there. Its quite a tall order (tbf) LOL
✨I got a Dirty barebacker TOP mate coming over to give me a hand…he loves giving his cum up smooth lads holes, so his perfect !
We got that Jake on his knees to suck us off
And starts getting us rock hard. -you can tell when his sucking dick that his well up 4 anything
Such a beautiful lad – his perfect face looks STUNNING with a cock hanging out his mouth
My young sleazy mate puts him on the sofa so his arse his hanging off the edge
And starts 🅱️🅱️ fucking him – AAARRRR SO HOT
We take turns, licking his arse out and pushing our cocks in RAW
Jake is a right moaner when getting dick fucked up him too … he REALLY LOVES SEX MAN
Im fucking him on the floor whilst Brett, 24yr sleaze bag is face fucking him!
I get so close, whip it out and SHOOT my spunk right over his arse before pushing my wet spunky dick back up in that arse 😈-IM SO TURNED ON😈
I know what’s coming…. I grab the inspection cam and slowly push it up Jakes Cute little arse – FUCK… SO HOT –
You can proper see my CUM IN HIS ARSE -this is so bloody pervy
It sends my mate insanely horny and he quickly takes over BARE fucking Jakes little spunky hole
OMG- This looks SO GOOD – don’t miss it
That sleazy cum donor is fucking Jakes ‘Legs-in-Air’ and off-loads his spunk in this bottom boys arse WITH-OUT pulling out ❗
You can see his Cum- soaked dick and he slowly takes it out of our Twink bottoms hole and we stick that back in there….
This time you get to SEE MY CUM MIXED TOGETHER WITH OUR SLEAZY TOP FUCKKER in jakes arse – aaaarrrrr im going to have another wank thinking about this…
WE 💙 our new toy (the camera not the boy) LOL although we 💙 him too
Dam – ive said it before and I’ll say it again – there something that sends me insane about get an innocent looking young lad and making them do VERY dirty twisted BareBack things – im not going to forget this day in a hurry
Me and the other TOP boy are just using Jake OVER n OVER to keep getting our cum shot inside him – Fucking him Red Raw – I cum deep in his arse doggie style Then…
That sleazy TOP boy really aggressively finger fucks that boys bum – like really rough – so goot to watch
We just wanna Breed him so much
OMG – This time I open up that fucking fit cunts mouth and SPUNK ONTO HIS Tongue – and we even try our new cam out in his gob !
Holly Shit Man- you can actually see all our cum in this boy – HORNY AS FUCKING FUCK
THIS IS PERFECT – his barebacking Jake and wanks that cock right over his bum hole and cums so much – I LOVE CUM and I LOVE seeing this…
We grab that cam again and film all mine and Bretts cum in this Twink bottom boy and I gotta say ive jerked off twice just writing this…
🏠OH also…. Its Jakes Moving in day! YEAHHHHH
Todays the day jakes moves into our Oval Flat 🏛️ – well his officially just staying with us for a bit – but yeah his living here now 🙂
This is so fucking Filthy – we will do anything to show you how Bareback crazy we are
xx George

Date: June 26, 2021
Gay Bareback Models: George

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