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Masonic Boy Austin L Young Bottoms For Dale Savage

Apprentice Austin L Young stood straight as the older man ran his hands over his smooth body, uncertain and unsure of how he should respond when the handsome, salt and pepper leader began to lustfully bite his buttocks. It was sudden and surprising, not just because it seemed to break from the formality of the moment, but also because he’d not encountered the man before.

Dale Savage seemed to bounce back and forth between performing his ceremonial duties and indulging in his more carnal desires. Even going so far as to take the boy’s cock in his mouth. Apprentice Young wasn’t yet hard, but the feeling of his member in the older man’s mouth was certainly pleasant, albeit unorthodox. He didn’t know if he was allowed to get aroused, but that didn’t stop his cock from beginning to swell up between Grandmaster Savage’s lips.

As Savage continued to fellate the young man, he took a finger between his buttocks, gently teasing his sphincter. Savage proved to be much more lustful and devious than Young expected, but he didn’t want it to stop. The older man stood up and told him to stroke his cock, a direction that seemed less like an offer and more like an order. The nervous apprentice did as he was told, watching as the dominant daddy began to take off his clothes.

Grandmaster Savage was dressed in all white, making his flesh appear very tan by comparison. Even as he stripped off suspenders, tie, and shirt, his vacationed look never went away. This was a man who knew what it was to indulge himself, and Apprentice Young appeared to be his next decadence.

Once down to his underwear, the young apprentice found himself both excited and anxious at the knowledge that he was going to be servicing the older man. Grandmaster Savage pulled out his cock, dripping with precum from having toyed with the initiate just prior. The man was well groomed, very fit, and stood with the bearing of a king. It only seemed right that when he presented his cock to Apprentice Young, the nervous boy should take it in his mouth and begin sucking it.

Grandmaster Savage stopped the boy from sucking any more, dropping to his knees to continue to suck on the boy’s cock. It was clear what he wanted: he wanted to make the boy cum. He started by ravenously milking his shaft with his mouth, stroking it and swallowing it until it was covered in his saliva. Savage didn’t seem concerned when his spit slobbered all over him and ran down his chin. If anything, it seemed to excite him more.

But once Apprentice Young was fully erect, Savage bent him down on all fours, wetting his hole and preparing him to be bred. Within seconds of getting his footing, Young felt the older man’s cock break into his ass. It was sudden and swift, taking no time for the apprentice to give an okay. Savage took the boy’s hole around his shaft and began fucking him hard. Young was so small next to him, practically folding into Savage’s body as he pounded into him.

Grandmaster Savage told him to keep stroking his cock, a request Apprentice Young couldn’t have rejected if he wanted to. The fucking was so deep and so intense that the only thing that made it sustainable was the pleasure he was getting from inside and out. With his cock firmly in his grip, the young man continued to stroke himself, watching as the older man had his way with his hole.

As Young got closer, he felt a desire deep within him grow. He wanted to get bred. He wanted the older man’s cum inside him. He wanted to feel the jets of cum fill his hole and drive out a load of his own. The look in his eyes must have been clear as Savage picked up the pace, drilling the young man deeper and harder and faster until Apprentice Young could not hold back any longer.

Cum poured out of Apprentice Young’s cock, covering his stomach in his milky white excretion. It didn’t stay long, though, as the ravenous grandmaster was quick to lap it up with his tongue, swallowing every drop the boy expelled…

Date: July 20, 2021
Gay Bareback Models: Austin L Young / Dale Savage

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