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Masonic Boy Oliver James Bottoms For Mitch Cox

Masonic boy Oliver James did as he was told. Obediently, he stripped down completely and put on the ceremonial robe. It was big and loose hanging on his body, clearly not made for him. As he tried to balance it on his shoulders, he wondered how many others had worn this exact garment, and how many others had done what he was about to do.

He’d barely spoken a handful of words to Master Cox, but already the older man had touched his body, handled his genitals, and even been inside him. Sex with him was part of the requirements of the Order, but Oliver did not mind.

Crawling into the ceremony room on all fours, he lowered himself below the older man. Master Cox sat on the edge of a large bed, draped in a red altar cloth. Max Cox was dressed in all white, even down to his tie. Everything felt so formal and so ritualized.

Master Mitch Cox stood him up, manipulating the material that hung over Oliver’s body until it fell down around him. The boy stood naked, exposed and vulnerable, pressed against the fully suited older man. Oliver’s cock began to stiffen, rising as he felt the moment of consummation approach.

Master Mitch Cox took off his jacket, ordering Oliver to his knees. Within seconds, he pulled out his cock for Oliver to begin to suck. It was a big, thick, veiny member with a low hanging set of large testicles.

Something about Master Cox just made him want to serve him. He felt it deep in his loins that he needed to be filled and fucked. He passionately and thoughtfully worshipped and sucked Master Cox’s member, all the while anticipating the moment when it would be back inside his hole…

Date: November 22, 2021

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