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Johnny Hunter, Max Sargent & Mitch Cox Do It

Scoutmaster Ballard (Max Sargent) and Johnny Hunter have a thing going on. It’s not been that easy to slip away from the others and find a few quiet moments to get down and dirty, but they’ve had some pretty intense encounters.

Ballard told Johnny to keep their relationship a secret but couldn’t stop himself from crowing about it to Scoutmaster Mitch Cox one night over some drinks. Scoutmaster Cox instantly revealed that he’d also developed some pretty strong feelings for young Johnny and urged his friend to set up a threesome.

They hooked up in a tent the next morning while the other scouts were swimming in a nearby lake. Johnny was surprised to find Cox there but had always quite fancied the debonaire, mustachioed Scoutmaster, so went with the flow when Cox cheekily started to undress him.

Within seconds Cox was on his knees, tongue dancing seductively over the boy’s dick while Scoutmaster Ballard stroked and caressed him from behind. Moments later, it was Ballard’s turn to suck him while Cox got his talented tongue inside the boy’s neat little hole.

Johnny was soon on his knees, sucking Ballard’s fat, juicy dick while Cox lustfully rubbed his impressive member over the boy’s ass cheeks. Cox isn’t one for wasting any time, and had soon pushed himself into a gasping Johnny’s tight hole. The handsome Scoutmaster banged hard and fast. Johnny’s mind was officially blown!

The older men spun Johnny around so that Ballard could penetrate him while the boy sucked Cox’s juicy member. The two Scoutmasters were plainly in a secret competition to see who could bang the hardest.

Cox threw Johnny onto his back and took the reins again, skewering the young scout with an intensity he’d never experienced before. The boy jerked his dick, but Cox was so far into him that it almost felt like his rod was somehow inside the boy’s. Johnny almost expected to simultaneously shoot two loads; his and Cox’s.

He sprayed harder and further than he’d ever cum in his life before. Giant jets of juices flew out of his dick, hitting his own face. That was an encounter he was never going to forget.

Date: January 9, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Johnny Hunter / Max Sargent / Mitch Cox

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