Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Tom Bentley Tops Eric Charming

When two cute scouts decide to go for a naked hike together, it’s pretty clear that the sparks of sexual lust will start to fly pretty quickly.

Tom and Eric stroll into the woods wearing just their caps and shoes and socks, with compasses and kerchiefs hanging from their necks.

They walk for a while, flirting a little, before stopping to sunbathe in a glade. They’re soon overcome by a wave of horniness. Tom is the more experienced of the pair and quickly has his soft, full lips wrapped around his best friend’s swollen dick. Eric lies back, groaning. The wind ripples sensuously over his smooth torso.

Tom moves between Eric’s legs and tilts his pelvis up so that the younger boy’s pert and puckered hole is on display. Tom then starts to push his giant dick into Eric’s tight ass. Eric groans, shocked at its size and girth and the intensity of the sensation of it driving deep into his guts.

Tom is soon banging his friend with increasing speed and energy, constantly repositioning his legs to thrust his rod harder into Eric with every stroke.

A change of position finds Eric on all fours. Tom spits onto his dick before driving it with force back into his innocent, whimpering friend. Tom becomes increasingly carried away, the harder he rides the boy, the hornier he feels.

Tom moans as the semen flies from his huge throbbing dick deep into Eric’s stomach. The boy has been well-and-truly bred, but surely this horny little couple have only just got started…?

Date: March 10, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Eric Charming / Tom Bentley

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