Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Tyler Tanner Dominates Chris Keaton

Tyler Tanner can’t believe his good fortune when he sees Chris Keaton in his favorite position: bent over the fuck bench, mouth taped, hands and feet bound, and his eyes wide with nerves.

Tyler isn’t a sadist or brutal, but he does love seeing his bottom boys in a state of suspense. Them not knowing what he’s likely to do next gives him a special thrill and satisfaction that can only come from being a bondage top. And Chris is lucky to get to be his little puppet.

Chris feels Tyler’s hands move freely over his body, unburdened by clothing or even the need for invitation. He can touch his chest, his ass, even rim his exposed hole without Chris ever having to say a word or move. Chris feels the warm, wet tongue of his captor move over his most sensitive spot, making him undeniably aroused, all while his heart beats furiously in his chest, drowning out the moans he’s making in response.

When Tyler asks “do you like that,” Chris can’t bring himself to lie and say no. It feels amazing. Absolutely incredible! And deep down, he wants more. Being tied and chained has freed him from having to reveal his true feelings. He doesn’t have to admit to being a hungry slut. Tyler can make him one just fine on his own…

Date: May 3, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Chris Keaton / Tyler Tanner

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