Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Tyler Tanner Dominates Myott Hunter

Tyler Tanner is at it again! This time, he’s got cute, smooth, milky-skinned captive in his dungeon! Myott Hunter sees himself more as more of a top, which makes Tyler’s game all the more fun. He loves making people break outside of their own pleasure for his own, and Tyler knows that Myott will come to crave his hard cock in his hole.

Myott bucks and tries to kick a little as he gets nervous in his restraints. He’s not used to being so exposed and vulnerable, making his neck hairs stand on end and his body perspire. Tyler wastes no time in planting his tongue between Myott’s unfucked hole, delighting in seeing Myott struggle with his new role as a bottom.

Tyler makes a meal of Myott’s backside, slapping it and raising beautiful pink marks with each impact of his hand. When Tyler sneaks a finger in Myott’s hole, he lets out a muffled squeal through his gag that makes Tyler even more turned on.

When Tyler comes to Myott’s front, he removes the boy’s gag, only to fill Myott’s mouth with his throbbing hard cock. Myott gags as it moves to the back of his throat, struggling to take it all, taunted by Tyler’s promise to go back to his ass if he doesn’t do better.

Myott finds himself weirdly incentivized to please Tyler, knowing his fate is solely in the rough top’s hands. He finds a rhythm of his breathing and sucking that seems to please Tyler, and Myott is pleased in return. And strangely, Myott’s cock grows in arousal in response…

Date: May 3, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Myott Hunter / Tyler Tanner

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