Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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Legrand Wolf & Jack Dixon Pound Boy For Sale Jesse Stone

The auction went almost exactly to plan. The boy Jesse was rock hard throughout and bidding was brisk. The hammer came down just shy of half a million dollars.

The buyer was Master Dixon. Dixon is uncompromisingly dominant and the boy will be a good fit for him. As he stood up from the crowd and walked towards Jesse, I saw a flash of a smile crossing the boy’s face. He plainly liked what he was seeing.

Dixon wanted me to stick around as he sampled the boy for the first time. He examined Jesse from all angles, nonchalantly pulling back the pouch of the boy’s jock to get a sense of what was going on down there.

Dixon plainly wanted to watch me fucking the boy and my dick slid into him easily enough. Dixon watched intently, unzipping his fly, pulling out his cock and rubbing it wantonly. He held the boy’s head protectively as I got stuck in. I asked him if he wanted me to cum in the boy, knowing the answer would be yes.

The boy groaned heavily as I picked up the pace and I’ll confess; I got pretty carried away during those last few strokes!

I squirted a heavy load right into him which I knew Dixon was gonna enjoy, and, sure enough, as I pulled out, he immediately walked around the table and pushed his huge dick into the boy. And if you want to hear the rest, well you better stay tuned.

Date: May 17, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Jack Dixon / Jesse Stone / Legrand Wolf

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