Face Down Ass up
Face Down Ass up
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TwinkTop Tom Bentley Tops Cain Marko

You might describe Tom Bentley as the joker in the college baseball team. He doesn’t take his training seriously and regularly injures himself fooling around on the pitch…

Fortunately for Tom, new coach Cain is a qualified sports physio, who’s quick to march the boy to his office for treatment when he sees him landing one of his trademark cartwheels badly!

Cain begins to prod and probe the boy’s upper thigh and is momentarily taken aback when he sees Tom’s dick suddenly straining to be released from his shorts. Seeing Tom hard instantly makes the coach hard.

The treatment rapidly takes on an air of inappropriateness. Tom flashes lustful glances at his coach who sensuously begins to caress the boy’s rampant meat in his giant hands.

Cain gently licks the the precum from the tip of Tom’s twitching tool, then erotically runs his lips up and down its veiny shaft. Tom suddenly feels light-headed and reckless. He tells the coach he wants sex with him.

Barely flinching, Coach Cain drops his shorts and lies on the couch, holding his giant, muscular legs in the air and presenting his puckered hole to the horny boy.

Tom’s beautiful meat slides into Coach Cain like a hot knife into butter. The boy excitedly thrusts in and out, slowly picking up speed and energy, while the bearded older man mutters horny words of encouragement.

The coach strips naked and lies on his back. Tom pounds him harder, deeper and faster in a display of unbelievable stamina.

Tom pulls out just as his dick explodes. Impressive beads of youthful, watery semen spray in all directions. Who’d’ve thought a good, hard bang was all that was needed to fix that niggling groin strain?!

Date: May 26, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cain Marko / Tom Bentley

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