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Boy For Sale Ethan Tate Bottoms For Jonah Wheeler

Master Jonah Wheeler knows what will get the bidding going. He slides his hand down Ethan Tate’s taint and into the jockstrap. Ethan moans even louder as the master gently caresses the boy’s smooth ballsack, freeing it from the cloth confinement. More bids come in.

With the snap of his fingers, the master and Ethan move into new positions. The slave boy stays on all fours with his ass toward Master Wheeler. The only sound in the room comes from the Master’s zipper as he frees his own straining cock. He drops his trousers and underwear to the floor and strokes his dick in anticipation.

The bid jumps up instantly as the buyers watch how the merchandise handles a Master’s dick. Master Wheeler pushes in slowly knowing the moans Ethan will make as his long cock grazes the sensitive hole and slides across the boy’s prostate.

Master Wheeler is hitting all the right spots and Ethan’s eyes roll back into his head! His back naturally arches into the perfect position for a slave boy bottom, all but swallowing his Master’s cock into his hole. The men in the dark must like what they see because the bids are going higher and higher!

Master Wheeler pulls his hard cock out and with another snap of the fingers Ethan rolls onto his back. Still wearing the suit jacket and tie, Master Wheeler places one leg on his shoulders and spreads Ethan out wide. The boy can’t wait for the cock to go back inside!

Master Wheeler doesn’t make the boy wait, he plunges inside quick and deep. Ethan looks the Master in the eyes, but Master Wheeler won’t have that. He turns the boy’s head back outward so the buyers can see every reaction, every sensation!

Master Wheeler picks up the pace and Ethan’s moans follow right along. Faster and faster, louder and louder. Suddenly a new sound: Master Wheeler is now moaning too! With a huge grunt, Master Wheeler pulls out and shoots his huge wad all over Ethan’s smooth, trembling torso.

This was a hard cum for the Master; shooting splooge all the way past the slave boy’s head! He briefly pauses to catch his breath.

The bidding now closes. Master Wheeler regains his composure and pulls his trousers up. The demonstration is now over and the boy Ethan has a new master…

Date: August 8, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Ethan Tate / Jonah Wheeler

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