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Cole Blue, Ian Levine & Dolf Dietrich Please Each Other Raw

Ian Levine and Cole Bluye are best friends. They’re of a similar age and have always been best friends. Mr. Dolf Dietrich is a gym regular who’s fairly hard to ignore. He’s tall, handsome, and very ripped and whenever he’s about, the boys watch him in awe. Last week, when the gym was empty, he started doing push ups right next to the machine where they were working out. It was a hugely distracting sight! Dietrich had been watching the boys fooling around for weeks. He knew their names, he assumed they were both gay and he very much enjoyed the attention they were giving him. He suddenly made an outrageous proposition, turning to the boys and asking if they’d ever had sex together. Utterly shocked, they shook their heads.

Date: August 8, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cole Blue / Dolf Dietrich / Ian Levine

Muscle Bear Porn

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