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Legrand Wolf Bangs Fun Size Boy Caleb Cummings

Caleb Cummings is one of those boys that you could literally fit into your pocket. He’s been hanging out with Dr. Legrand Wolf for some time now and has become a regular at the doctor’s country house.

Doctor Wolf loves to massage and fondle the boy’s skinny body, before pulling down his shorts and revealing his peachy little butt. He gets off on the difference in their sizes and the fact that he has to treat the boy like a fragile object.

Caleb likes to kneel in front of the doctor and slowly pull down his shorts. He loves to suck the doctor, his minuscule mouth barely able to take Wolf’s massive member. He always persists bravely, however, and never ceases to thrill every fiber of the doctor’s being.

Dr. Wolf usually rocks Caleb onto his back and pushes his legs up to expose the boy’s tight hole. He likes to rub his immense manhood all over Caleb’s sweet butt before lubing himself up and very gently making his way inside. Caleb usually feels like he’s being torn in two; his entire body is often engulfed by alternate waves of pain and pleasure.

The doctor loves to pull Caleb onto his lap, allowing the teeny twink to cling onto him like a koala bear while his insides are entirely re-arranged. The boy yelps in shock, unable to comprehend the intensity and enormity of what’s happening to him. The doctor will often change positions, his dick always remaining inside the boy.

Wolf will pound harder, faster and deeper until his balls start to clench and the semen starts to rise uncontrollably along the length of his shaft. A few more thrusts and it will start to burst out of him, gushing into the boy’s abdomen with a huge, fiery force.

Date: August 19, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Caleb Cummings / Legrand Wolf

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