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TwinkTop Tyler Tanner Drills Raw Cain Marko

Tyler Tanner has turned out to be one of the most naturally gifted athletes I (Cain Marco) have ever had the pleasure to coach. He’s a brilliant pitcher and a pretty talented runner, but he’s lately expressed an interest in wrestling.

He asked if he could show me the lycra singlet he’d bought himself. And when that boy emerged from the changing room wearing what can only be described as a second layer of skin stretched over his beautifully-toned body, I didn’t know what to say!

I pulled and poked at the lycra, pretending to be checking on its fit, but I was really just copping a feel! I started touching him more intimately and he responded by running his hands over my thighs. Within seconds, we were literally all over each other, feeling each other up, touching every inch of each other’s bodies.

He was soon sucking my dick, getting it good and hard, no doubt expecting me to shove it into him, but I had different plans…

I stood him up and sank to my knees, wrapping my lips around his huge, bulging boyhood, aiming to give him the best head he’d ever experienced. At this point, his demeanor changed.

Tyler aggressively ordered me onto the couch before shoving his sweet tongue as far inside my hole as he could get it. Then he knelt up behind me, lined up his dick with my hole and… bang! He thrusted hard, fast and raw before slinging me onto my back and brutally wrecking my hole.

Date: August 19, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Cain Marko / Tyler Tanner

Muscle Bear Porn

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