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Matthew Figata Drills Raw Marcus Rivers

It took Apprentice Rivers a moment to get his eyes used to the bright, white room. Master Figata smiled warmly and told the boy to sit down on the couch before explaining that he was due to be ordained.

Figata immediately ordered Rivers to strip naked before surprising the boy by dropping to his knees. He carefully removed Rivers’ shoes and socks. The boy’s body began to tingle with anticipation.

Master Figata stood and instructed Rivers to kneel down. The young boy instantly set to work on his master’s bulge, pulling down the older man’s underpants and wrapping his soft, innocent lips around Figata’s highly experienced dick. Rivers gave remarkably good head.

Figata carefully positioned the boy on the couch, caressing his peachy ass in awe, before getting his big, daddy tongue diving deep into its crevice. Moments later, Figata lined his thick, raw dick up with the boy’s tight hole and started to inch it into him. Rivers gasped.

The master couldn’t get enough of the boy’s ass. It felt so tight and warm. Figata pulled out momentarily and sat on the couch, encouraging Rivers to lower himself down onto his dick.

Figata then pushed the boy onto his side and entered him from behind, pulling Rivers’ head back so that they could kiss passionately. Figata rutted, slammed, and skewered the boy before throwing him onto his back to seal the deal.

It was the master’s duty to cum inside Rivers and his dick suddenly exploded violently into the boy’s stomach. Figata thrust his finger into Rivers’ hole. Thick, creamy juice oozed out which the master carefully transported to Rivers’ forehead.

Date: September 7, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Marcus Rivers / Matthew Figata

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