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Oliver Carter Shoots His TwinkLoad Into Johnny Ford’s Ass

Oliver’s cute, curly blond hair will get you into bed with the twink, but it’s what’s inside his pants that will keep you there! As he and DILF, Johnny Ford, make out, you start to get a hint of what our smooth, young friend has hidden inside those shorts.

Every touch from the bearded daddy turns Oliver on even more! Johnny flicks Oliver’s nipples, sending an involuntary twink-moan through the air. Johnny’s great at knowing what a young gay like Oliver wants, which of course is a rock-solid hardon!

Oliver’s shorts can’t take the wait any longer. Neither can Johnny’s hot mouth! He wraps his lips around Oliver’s swizzle stick, gagging as he tries to take it all in. That boy’s hung!

Oliver is strangely turned on by the fact that this daddy is having to work to get it all down his throat, but down it goes! Johnny has a trick or two from the DILF handbook to try, each of which makes Oliver even louder and hornier!

As much as Oliver loves the deep throating, he wants to dive into Johnny’s crack. The twink spreads his DILF’s cheeks wide so he can launch a full-scale oral assault on Johnny’s hole! Daddy loves the sensations, and in a very paternal way, guides Oliver so the rimjob is exactly how Johnny wants it. Sometimes deep, sometimes fast, long slurps and quick flicks! Johnny’s moans are Oliver’s reward and Oliver is out to get the blue-ribbon in tonguing!

Oliver tells Johnny to lay over the edge of the bed, the perfect height for a proper fucking! Oliver pushes his dick into Johnny pretty quickly, the DILF would probably have preferred a slow entry until he got used to the twink girth, but quickly the shock on his face turns into a look of pleasure.

Oliver pumps slowly at first, but can’t help picking up speed. Oliver’s brain is quickly losing the fight for control because the twink dick is taking over!

He goes in intensely on Johnny’s peach: an all-out attack! Johnny can only take it for so long. He distracts Oliver a little by suggesting the twink use his own phone to record it as his dick slides in and out of Johnny’s hot hole. This works for a bit, but not forever. Oliver is going to pound that ass his way!

Johnny braces for the onslaught to come and, sure enough, Oliver is quickly back to pounding at light speed pace! He’s not going to last long at that level of intensity. Oliver rams his horsecock deep as he blasts his load into Johnny’s well-abused ass!

Date: September 7, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Johnny Ford / Oliver Carter

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