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TwinkTop Jack Andram Barebacks Draven Navarro

Sometimes the boys can be a little careless when it comes to their gym clothes. It’s not uncommon after a hard workout for them to just strip off their sweaty stuff and just drop it to the floor on their way to the showers.

That’s just fine by Coach Navarro. He secretly likes finding these cast-offs… they smell like hot gym twink! That’s how he got into this sticky situation.

Coach was tidying up after helping Jack Andram with his workout. He found a smelly, sweaty jockstrap lying around on the floor. It was still warm, so it had to be Jack’s!

Coach flopped back onto the couch and held the elastic right to his face. Smells like twink! He couldn’t help but touch his own cock while deeply inhaling the fresh manly scent.

Coach is well-versed in sniffing twink jock and can usually keep this scent-filled secret to himself. But today, Jack came back to ask Coach a training question and saw Coach Navarro in the middle of touching himself while breathing through Jack’s jock!

Caught in the act!

At this point, Coach figures the best way to keep this to themselves is to bring Jack into his fantasy…

Date: September 7, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Draven Navarro / Jack Andram

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