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Legrand Wolf Bangs Fun Size Boy Maxwell Dawson

Dr. Wolf was tall by anyone’s definition. But in comparison to small Max, he was a skyscraper! The doctor was also handsome, and swayed with a sense of ease around the office. As he took Max’s measurements, checked his heart beat, and removed the young man’s shirt, every action, no matter how clinical in nature, took on a magical quality. It was as if each mundane thing the Doctor did cast a spell, all woven directly in front of Max’s face.

Something about that size disparity set Max ablaze, and removed the last of his inhabitations. He pulled down the doctor’s trousers and revealed his desired goal, which was practically bursting out of the white underwear, was impossibly large compared to the young man’s. Long and girthy, the doctor’s cock rivaled the size of Max’s forearm! It was as intimidating as it was exciting; once Max was back on the hospital bed with Dr. Wolf’s mushroom tip swirling around his twink tongue, he found it less so the former and far, far, far more the latter.

They turned and twisted into various positions along the hospital bed, its hinges creaking in rhythm with their thrusts. Max’s face flushed red and his breath ran ragged under this huge doctor. Dr. Wolf’s strong arms wrapped around the slender twink, and Max held onto him like a lifeline. The suddenness of the doctor’s advances, the carnality of the office visit, and the sheer size of the man… it was so much for Max to take in all at once.

Date: January 26, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Legrand Wolf / Maxwell Dawson

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