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Kristofer Weston Bangs Chase Tyler At Gaycest

Mr. Weston was quietly pleased at the knowledge that since their breakthrough encounter the previous week, his son Chase had become even more attentive than usual. Mr. Weston didn’t mind this in the least. The truth was that he couldn’t stop thinking about the passionate afternoon that he’d spent with his son. Memories of their physical love consumed him.

Chase also was unable to think about much else, either. In fact, in this intimate moment, the young man’s desire was further enflamed at the sight of his masculine father still in his pilot’s uniform. Mr. Weston noticed how his son couldn’t take his eyes off of his dad. And after their earlier encounter, Mr. Weston also noticed that Chase took any opportunity to intimately place his hands on him. This excited Mr. Weston to no end, and eased the pain of the long shifts.

Chase was overcome by a combination of love and lust as his father kissed him deeply. The feeling of Pops’ big, strong arms holding him tight was awesome in ways he had previously only dreamed of. And as father and son tangled tongues, their hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies.

Chase loved this exciting and primal relationship with his father. Being together with Pops always meant so much to Chase—especially when he was growing up. As a teen, Chase worshiped the ground that his father walked on, wanting—even now—to impress him and please him.

So, Chase got to worshipping! Taking cues from his father’s moans of pleasure, Chase let his hands and tongue caress his dad’s throbbing erection. Mr. Weston was in pure heaven; his adored son was his new favorite lover. Their natural physical chemistry almost surprised him.

Mr. Weston gently pulled Chase up and laid the young man on his back onto the sofa. Chase instinctively pulled his legs back and opened himself up again for his father’s entry!

Date: February 7, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Chase Tyler / Kristofer Weston

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