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Logan Cross vs Adam Snow, Matthew Figata & Kristofer Weston

Once Apprentice Land was naked and oiled up, Master Weston instructed him to lower himself down onto the smallest peg. The boy did as told and then slowly made his way along the full line of pegs-moaning with more intensity every time he lowered himself onto one of a larger size.

The final peg is fat and round and is very differently shaped to the others. Frankly, I was impressed that the boy even tried to take it and for a split second I thought he was going to succeed… but it defeated him, just as it defeats every boy who’s attempted to take it.

Master Weston, somewhat threateningly, removed his clothes but never lost eye contact with Apprentice Land. The boy was then ordered to turn around and squat over the table. Master Weston pulled his big, thick daddy dick out and started casually thrusting it, raw, into the boy’s ass. Within seconds Master Weston was fucking with deep, fast strokes and the boy was moaning and gasping in an erotic trance.

Master Figata stood, unzipped his pants, and fed his dick into the boy’s mouth. The boy sucked him as well as anyone could who’s being rutted frantically from behind by a horny, powerful ape of a man.

Master Weston suddenly nutted very deep inside the boy, filling him with huge rounds of the slippery stuff. Apprentice Land then started to jerk himself and exploded all over one of the pegs.

Date: November 14, 2023

Muscle Bear Porn

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