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Kristofer Weston Pounds Chase Tyler

With each new visit back home, Chase and his dad, Mr. Weston, continue to grow their bond far beyond that of the “average” father and son. They seem unable to keep their hands off each other, even as they share quieter moments of affection while cuddling on the couch.Their moments together always seem to veer from sensual to erotic easily. Clothes start to come off, and before either one can blink, father’s cock slides in and out of his boy’s mouth.

Then, Mr. Weston’s phone buzzes with a call from his wife.

He answers it. His wife asks how her husband and son are doing. He tells her they’re just having a “lazy afternoon,” all the while his cock throbs in his boy’s mouth. Looking down at his son as his cock appears and reappears in the boy’s mouth Mr. Weston decides that nothing can or will interrupt his special bonding time with his son…

Date: March 9, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Chase Tyler / Kristofer Weston

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