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Dillon Stone Bangs Milo Miles At Boy For Sale

Master Stone had Milo stand up so he could get an even better look at The Boy. He was just as fragile and precious in the brighter light of his Buyer’s private quarters. The Boy quivered as the man let his hands roam all over his young bare skin, stopping at the ass. Boy Milo could feel his Master’s big fingers probe his little hole, making him shudder. The new owner told Boy Milo to undress him, and again, Milo complied. Obedience came naturally.

Boy Milo was only able to undo the man’s vest and tie before Master Stone returned to letting his hands grope and feel up the youngster. The man tweaked and licked his new Slaveboy’s nipples, noticing The Boy’s cock had grown stiff and rigid. Master Stone pulled Milo’s hard little cock out from the confines of the form-fitting jockstrap. The new owner gave it a slight lick and a couple of strokes before putting it back in its cotton prison. He brought The Boy back to his knees and gestured to continue undressing him.

Master Stone watched intently as Boy Milo did as he was instructed, both impressed with his mindfulness and satisfied with his purchase thus far. The Master stood up, let his pants down, and revealed his hard cock clearly visible through his snug white briefs. Boy Milo pulled the underwear down, freeing the older man’s swollen meat. The Boy wasted no time in swallowing the fleshy sword—such was his duty, such was his desire.

Date: May 24, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Dillon Stone / Milo Miles

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