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Oliver James Barebacked By Rick Fantana – Gaycest

Quietly taking off his clothes, Oliver James gently creeped down the hall to the guest room where Uncle Rick Fantana was sleeping. He carefully opened the door and saw the older man’s familiar, handsome face, asleep in bed with his broad shoulders up over the covers. Oliver snuck in under the covers, making sure not to be too fast or too rough getting into bed. He curled up next to his uncle, feeling his smooth, warm skin against his. And almost as if going off of muscle memory, Uncle Rick curled in to spoon Oliver, holding him like he used to.

Oliver couldn’t believe it. He was rock hard and his heart was pounding, holding in the urge to scream at his excitement. And suddenly, Rick’s arm moved slowly down… down… down to his young loins, clearly reaching for his penis.

Oliver felt Rick’s hand graze his shaft, feeling its rigidity and fullness. The young man turned his head around and looked into Rick’s open eyes, heavy-lidded from sleep, but looking right back at him. The older man gave Oliver a smile, clearly happy to see him, and whispered, “What took you so long?”

Rick threw open the covers, getting a look at his nephew’s beautiful body. Oliver pressed his backside against his uncle’s groin, feeling the manhood rub up against his ass. It was hard, beautiful, and surprisingly wet. Rick clearly woke up with morning wood, too, leaking pre-cum like it was a broken faucet!

Oliver didn’t know what to do, but Rick was ready to take control of the situation. He pressed his tool into Oliver, feeling the slick tip of his meat begin to break into Oliver’s hole. The nephew wasn’t expecting this and he let out a little whimper of pain as Rick’s rod pushed into his body. Quick to silence him, Uncle Rick held a hand over the boy’s mouth, trying to keep him quiet so as not to wake up the rest of the family as he broke in his nephew.

After a few slow, skillful thrusts, Rick’s thick throbber was able to move with ease inside Oliver. He pumped back and forth, filling the young man with his powerful shaft. Rick held him tight, never breaking their closeness and intimacy. The uncle remembered how Oliver loved that secure feeling and didn’t want to give him anything less.

Oliver stroked himself, elated and overwhelmed at having Uncle Rick so deep inside him. He’d always fantasized about getting a wild, passionate, aggressive pounding. But here, Rick gave him something Oliver didn’t realize he wanted: his uncle was making gentle love to him.

As the morning light began to flood the room, Rick picked up his pace, getting himself ready to cum inside his nephew’s hole. Out of necessity, it meant having to put his hand over Oliver’s mouth, making sure the energetic pounding didn’t cause an involuntary outburst that would stir up the house.

Date: June 17, 2021
Gay Bareback Models: Oliver James / Rick Fantana

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