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TwinkTop Adrian Rose Plows Dolf Dietrich

Dolf Dietrich: I’ve had my eye on Adrian Rose ever since he showed up. He was a transfer from god knows where with a pretty poor academic record but a clear aptitude for athletics.

It didn’t take me long to realize we had a sexual connection. He’d regularly shoot me a look so lustful I’d instantly get hard.

I eventually found an appropriate moment to get him into my office and went straight for the jugular, sitting next to him and placing my hand on his thigh.

I leaned in for a kiss and the boy instantly went crazy, forcing his tongue into my mouth like a dog in heat. It got real heavy real quick. I kissed up and down his body before settling down to pleasure his tasty dick, which he aggressively thrusted into my mouth.

I stripped down to my jock and squatted on the couch while he got his tongue dancing inside my hole. And then he was pushing his dick into me. I could feel him using his pelvis to get as deep up there as possible.

He spun me onto my back and the ferocious onslaught continued. I could feel him pounding me with every inch of energy in his tight, teenage body. Before long, I was off the edge of the couch with my legs akimbo and he was staring down at me, grunting like a wild boar and slamming into me with barbaric strokes!

He pulled out and jerked his dick over my hole before pushing the head back in as the semen burst out of him, filling my crack with thick, frothy cream which felt as much an act of branding as it did an expression of lust.

Date: May 9, 2022
Gay Bareback Models: Adrian Rose / Dolf Dietrich

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