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Tyler Tanner Dominates Benji Dawsten

Sadistic twink top Tyler Tanner rubs his hands along Benji Dawsten’s tan, bound body. The gagged twink writhes along the leather fuck-bench, but he can’t escape. He’s helpless, and he’s in love with his torment.

Tyler kisses Benji’s forehead, and assures his squirming bottom that he’s gonna love what comes next. And he’s right—as he slaps and spanks Benji’s athletic, jockstrap-clad cheeks, tears of pain and pleasure fill the bottom’s eyes. Benji just nods to any command or insult Tyler gives him, unable to speak through his gag. Benji’s mind becomes a blur of sensation as Tanner rotates between spanking, groping, and ungagging his bottom for brief kisses—only to muffle his mouth again with the leather strap.

After turning Benji’s cheeks bright red with abuse, Tyler spreads the gagged twink’s cheeks and spits in his hole. The twink top rims him, tasting Benji’s entrance, then turns his attention back to Benji’s face. This time, when he frees Benji’s mouth from the gag, it’s not to deliver kisses; he replaces the leather gag with a fleshy one, forcing his submissive bottom to choke on his cock.

Tyler pulls his big cock out, leaving a trail of spittle between his dick and Benji’s panting lips, he decides that playtime is over. He returns to the stung cheeks, spreads them, and pushes his hips forward, skewering Benji’s entrance to the hilt. He pounds Benji’s ass until the moaning sub can’t think straight. In fact, by the time Tyler drops a load inside Benji, he’s certain that a straight thought will never cloud his mind again.

Date: February 7, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Benji Dawsten / Tyler Tanner

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