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Tyler Tanner Bangs FTM Ari Koyote

Sexy FTM hunk Ari Koyote doesn’t want to play nice tonight. He wants to feel sizzling-hot twink Tyler’s slobbering wet tongue mopping up every last drop of his sex juices.

Tyler isn’t in the mood to play around, either. Getting inside that luscious bonus hole of FTM dream stud Ari is at the top-of-mind. And it just so happens that riding Tyler’s huge, throbbing boner is Ari’s second main goal!

After some steamy tongue-kissing, Tyler eagerly yanks down Ari’s pants and laps his tongue in the most heavenly of treats- Ari’s plump, juicy T-dick!

Ari pushes Tyler onto his back and mounts the desire-crazed hottie. The FTM fuck-stud rides Tyler’s enormous dick like a rodeo champ. Tyler can only stare in awe at Ari’s sexy masculine form as the trans hunk bounces on the twink’s extra long cock.

Tyler can feel an intense orgasm quickly building and puts the FTM hunk on all fours. The lean, smooth twink-dream pounds that perfectly tight extra-entrance with near-wild abandon.

In between biting the pillow with each of Tyler’s fuck thrusts, Ari commands the delirious twink to fuck his man-pussy harder. Each shout of ecstasy gets Tyler hotter and hotter. And every groan of indulgent need is met with another serious thrust.

The cumshot Tyler blasts into Ari is mind-blowing and seemingly never-ending—which elicits a wide grin from both panting fuckbuddies!

Date: February 28, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Ari Koyote / Tyler Tanner

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