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FTM Declan Gray Bottoms For Ethan Tate

Though it’s the first time these two jocks have met, tatted up FTM stud Declan Gray and baby-faced Ethan Tate are very clearly into one another. The two horny boys let their tongues wrestle around in each other’s mouths and the clothes start coming off very soon after. The contrast between the heavily inked Declan and smooth, bare Ethan is like leather and candy.

Once their shorts are off, Declan expertly swallows Ethan’s long, thick dick with its downward curve. Ethan, too, is eager to taste Declan’s wet bonus hole, lapping it up all while nibbling and sucking on his t-dick.

Declan is on his back before you know it and Ethan slides his curved cock into Declan’s hungry, wet opening. Both men are reduced to moaning and panting as Ethan pumps his stiff rod in-and-out of the inked-up FTM’s hole. His pounding speeds up as his balls tighten, leading him to squirt his load directly into Declan’s guts.

Date: May 24, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Declan Gray / Ethan Tate

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