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Lobo Careirra Fucks Carter Collins

Our real-life boyfriend swap continues as Lobo Careirra fucks Carter Collins —just like Lobo’s beau Alex Ink recently topped Carter’s partner Oliver Marks! Carter and Lobo are well-matched too– both into sensual foreplay as well as hard, vocal and cum-soaked power-fucking. 

True to his word Lobo gets turned on by kissing and body play and he REALLY gets revved up by Carter’s deep-throated cock-sucking.  Naturally Lobo gives back by tongue-diving into Carter’s hole and then driving his cock into him. Lobo uses his whole body, including his feet,  in holding Carter in position to plow him as he pleases and he only takes one time out, for both of them, to enjoy a hungry 69 with him.

When Lobo gets back into fucking Carter, he again keeps it lively by pounding him hard and deep in a variety of positions. It’s when he thrusts his cock into Carter while holding him tight and making out with him that Lobo goes over the edge and shoots a massive load—which Carter quickly uses as lube to jerk himself to a big load too.  Is it any wonder they’re both all smiles after this super-satisfying fuck?

Date: October 2, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Carter Collins / Lobo Careirra

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