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Tian Tao Plows Tom Wolffur

After watching Tian and Tom’s other scenes, we jumped when they came to us asking if they could film a scene together. Tom is versatile and only bottoms for guys with big dicks that know how to use them. We all knew Tian was that guy. As soon as they got comfortable, Tom dropped to his knees and pulled down Tian’s pants, exposing a thick cock of rock-hard beef. Exactly what Tom wanted. He wasted no time proving to Tian that he was hungry and horny for it all. Tian loved using Tom’s mouth, but his bottom’s beautiful butt was calling out to Tian to lick on it. Whatever Tom needed to take his cock Tian was ready to do. A few strokes from Tian’s warm mouth was all Tom needed for his ass to swallow Tian’s dick as he sat on top and went for a ride, ending in a full explosion from both men.

Date: February 23, 2023
Gay Bareback Models: Tian Tao / Tom Wolffur

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